FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Are retreat centers/camps always available? Is it free to visit?
    • Retreat centers/camps are closed on Mondays for center cleanup and maintenance.
    • Visits and individual/group retreats/camps are available from Tuesday to Sunday.
    • If you want to visit, you can do it from Tuesday to Sunday (Sunday), but please contact Kkottongnae Office (Tel. 951-302-3400) in advance. If you need a guide, or if you want to have a meal, please let us know so we can prepare it in our kitchen!  
    • If retreats are in progress at our center, visitors should be careful to keep order not to interfere with those involved in the retreat. Please note that the priest or religious sisters may not be able to assist you when the retreat is in progress. In that case, please use the handout for Kkottongnae Retreat Center/Camp.
  • Is Temecula Kkottongnae Retreat Center/Camp open to anyone?
    • It is founded for the purpose of evangelization and spiritual shelter that communicates God's love.
    • It is therefore open to Christians(Catholics and Protestant believers of orthodoxy) only for individual and group retreats/camps for religious (spiritual) purposes.  
  • How do I make a reservation?
    • To book a retreat, you can contact our Kkottongnae office(Tel. 951-302-3400) by phone or e-mail(tmclkkot@gmail.com), or provide specific details and basic information on the website. - click here!
    • You can then coordinate the details with the nun in charge of the retreat.
    • Once we have a date and number of attendees, we can draw up a contract for your group.
    • A signed contract and a 20% deposit are due back within 2 weeks. The remaining balance is due upon arrival.
  • When do I need to let you know my final numbers and other special requests?
    • Final numbers are not due until 2 weeks before your arrival and final payment is due upon arrival.
    • Special requests such as assignment of room to use, Rules for usage of Pool and lifeguards(in case of Camp), etc. should all be made at least one month before your arrival so we can adequately staff and accommodate your requests.
  • What kind of theme of retreat program do you offer?
    • Temecula Kkottongnae offers a variety of programs and themes below when you retreat to us. 

    • General Religious Retreat/Bible(Gospel) Meditation/Relationship/Spiritual Leadership/Healing/Forgiveness/True Happiness/On life & Dying/Holy Spirit/Spirituality of Kkottongnae/Silent Retreat in Advent/Lent  etc.

    • You may choose theme of the program mentioned above  you wish to retreat, or you may tell us the other theme that you want.

  • What type of retreat program do you offer? - click here!

    • The types of retreat are classified into three categories.
      • Self-Program : As a self-prepared program, Kkottongnae Retreat Center serves only places, auxiliary facilities and meals.
      • Mixed-Program : That's when you ask us to give you lectures, sacraments, Masses, etc. in the midst your own program.
      • Consignment-Program : If you leave us with entire retreat program including its progress and contents.
    • You may choose type of the program mentioned above  you wish to retreat.

  • What is included with my rental?
    • In case of retreat, your rental includes your meals & lodging, conference(lecture) rooms, meeting rooms and general use of the facility(basketball court, swimming pool, playground, walking trails and so forth.) according to the conditions of contract. In the other case(camping), your rental includes use of campground and the outdoor facilities mentioned above. 
  • Is there a separate rate?
    • The rates are saparated according to the traits of retreat program and to the types of rooms.
    • Refer the page of retreat/camp rates. - click here!
  • Will there be other groups there with my group?
    • Generally there are multiple user groups in our center/camp at one time. The layout of our facility allows each group privacy to do their individual programming and build community among their participants.
  • How many can your facility accommodate?
    • We can hold up to 58 overnight guests for retreat or up to 80~200(in case of camping, according to the choice of campground : 'Manzanita' or 'Oak Glen') for camping use guests.
  • What are the accommodations like? 
    • Comfortable accommodation is provided to make your retreat warm and comfortable.
    • Each accommodation has different scenery, facilities, and the number of people that can be used. Please contact us in advance before retreat. - click here!
    • Please note that the cost of each accommodation varies according to various conditions. - click here!
  • Are tables and chairs included in the conference rooms and meeting rooms?
    • Tables and chairs are included in all conference rooms and meeting rooms. Especially there are water purifier, thermostatically controlled heat(air conditioner,) tables, chairs, projector, projection screen and amp system.
  • Are there handicap facilities available?
    • Some handicap rooms & facilities are available.
  • Do you have Wi-Fi?
    • Of course it's possible. However, mainly around the main retreat buildings, it may be weak due to distances in some accommodations. And if possible, use it wisely to respond to the atmosphere of retreat!
  • What is the food like?
    • For those who participate in retreats, we always carefully select fresh ingredients and prepare a variety of foods ranging from tasteful and nutritious Korean food to Western tastes.
    • If any of you in the retreat are allergic to certain foods, please let them know before you sign your retreat.
  • What are the meal times?
    • Meals times are 8:00 am, 12:00 pm and 5:00(December~March)/5:30 pm(April~November). 
  • Can we bring our own snacks?
    • You may bring your own snacks which may be eaten outside or in your meeting rooms just for common use. No outside food is allowed in the main dining hall.
  • What do I need to bring?
    • It's even better to bring toiletries, extra clothes, personal medicine and personal cups.
  • Are pets allowed?
    • We do not allow pets of any kind except for guide dogsfor the blind.
  • What type of weather can I expect?
    • In Temecula, the summers are hot, arid, and mostly clear and the winters are long, cool, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 41°F to 89°F and is rarely below 34°F or above 96°F.

    • Based on the tourism score, the best time of year to visit Temecula for warm-weather activities is from early June to early October.

  • What is your environment?
    • Temecula Kkottongnae in Riverside County, California, is located in the oasis area where the chief of Indians resided.
    • Even in the general environment of the Southern California desert, the Kkottongnaeetreat Center/Camp is surrounded by its beautiful natural landscape thanks to the unique topography of the oasis, creating a cozy and warm overall feeling.
    • People who have come here say that they have experienced the healing of peace as if they were in the bosom of their mother just by visiting Kkottongnae.
  • Where are you located? - click here!
    • When traveling by car, Temecula Kkottongnae is about two and a half hours southeast of Los Angeles and about one hour and fifteen minutes northeast of San Diego.
    • If you are coming from Los Angeles, you must enter the 79 south Temecula Parkway from the 15 South Freeway. If you are coming from San Diego, take the 15 North Freeway to the 79 south Temecula Parkway.
    • Continue straight onto the 79 south Temecula Parkway, then enter Woodchuck Rord on the right side of the road and drive to the end of the road to reach Temecula Kkottongnae.
    • When you start, you can easily find it by typing '37885 Woodchuck Rd.' in Navigation or 'Temecula Kkottongnae' in the Google Maps app.
  • How are the roads?
    • The road is paved and well maintained. There are some roads leading to Woodchuck Road and some roads inside Kkottongnae are unpaved. Road conditions are usually year round-due to the clear weather with little snow (but see the unpaved areas a bit slippery when it rains a bit)-comfortable and safe.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    • In the event a reservation is cancelled sixty (60) days or more prior to the event date, fifty percent (50%) of the deposit will be refunded.
    • Any event cancelled less than sixty (60) days prior to the event will result in forfeiture of the total deposit. In either case, the forfeited portion of the deposit may be credited to a future booking to take place within twelve (12) months of the date of cancellation.

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