Founding Principle of Kkottongnae

Founding Principle of Kkottongnae


It was some night .
I came across a brother in a dark alley. He was lying and moaning by the side of the road while it was raining. I had to do something for him. I took him in my car to bring home. I felt extremely sad and distressed while driving. I had similar experiences several times since then. .

Even if you have only the strength to beg for food, it is the blessing of the Lord. Sick homeless beggars often die alone, with no one around him. It is crucial to secure a place to put their body and soul to rest. We should build home serving not only as a shelter but also as a relief and spiritual revival. In the context, the establishment of Kkottongnae community is urgently needed to prepare those left behind for eternal life and death in peace.

It is not a distant dream to help the abandoned people make a peaceful life and death. By exerting our efforts voluntarily and actively to take care of them like family with all our hearts and minds, we can make the dream come true. That is our founding principle.

Like all the rivers run into the sea, love for our brothers and sisters that comes from each one of us will flow into Kkottongnae. And it will make our society much more beautiful, I firmly believe. Let us muster up the courage of the poor to face the grim reality. Let us pass the joy of resurrection along to people in dire need of our assistance.

Only one-dollar-a-month donation can be a good start to contribute to meeting the needs of those in poverty. Regardless of the religion or nationality you are welcome to donation. You can pay out all at once every year. Your family members can be part of the membership and the membership expires at any time if one of you want it to.

The first business of Kkottongnae is to buy part of state-owned land located six kilometers away from Mugeuk Catholic Church (in southern part of Korea) in order to establish facilities.

All decisions regarding Kkottongnae community are made by operating members. In addition, reports related to finance, operational issues and membership news are to be delivered through regular newsletters.


I wish you to have a lasting interest in and support us.

by Kkottongnae President Fr. John(WoonJin Oh) 

on Easter in 1981