The Institute of Kkottongnae Brothers of Jesus and

The Institute of KkottongnaeSisters of Jesus

  • Introduction

    •  The institutes are committed to witnessing God to the world and saving souls by practicing Jesus’ love. We go out and find the poor in pain and starvation that nobody else cares for. We welcome them with warm heart, provide them with food, home and medical care. On top of that, we love them in Jesus’ name helping them enter into heaven through baptism in water and in spirit.

  • Founding Spirit

    •  Our Lord suffered the agony and died on behalf of our sins. He presented himself alive. We aim to practice His love. We are dedicated to emptying ourselves to serve ’the poorest of the poor who are even unable to beg for food’, with Jesus’ saying in mind : "The greatest love you can have for your friends is to give your life for them." (John 15:13)

  • Founding Goal

    •  "God is love, and those who live in love live in union with God and God lives in union with them." (1 John 4,16) With the Jesus’ saying in mind, the congregation of Kkottongnae Sisters of Jesus comes closer to God, witnesses His love and faithfulness, conforms to the will of God and achieves holiness. Brothers of the Kottongnae congregation are committed to living in love and living in union with our Lord, love itself. The Congregation of Kkottongnae Brothers and Sisters, guided by the Holy Spirit, present themselves before God. Ultimately, it serves as instruments to build the Kingdom of God.     Go to the Congregation Kkottongnae Brothers and Sisters of Jesus

  • The Congregation of Kkottongnae Seculars of Jesus Introduction

    •  While living as seculars, the secular congregation is aimed to let other seculars know our Lord and His unlimited love for us. It shares the common spirit and goal with the Congregation Kkottongnae Brothers and Sisters of Jesus. The congregation was established on Feb 2, 1996, under the approval of the Bishop of Chungju Diocese. The secular members are devoted to putting Jesus’ unlimited love into practice on a daily basis, especially in places beyond the reach of religious brothers and sisters. The Congregation of Kkottongnae Seculars of Jesus, with spiritual and material values, plays a great role in keeping Kkottongnae family in harmony.

    • Founder : Fr. John Oh

    • Date of the Foundation : Feb 2, 1996 (Approved by the then Bishop Nicholas Cheong, Jin-suk)

    • Person in Charge : Sr. Bak, Soon-ja

    • Tel : +82 70-7796- 4112

  • Approval Statement  by Bishop Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk of Chungju Diocese in Feb 2, 1996

    • I hereby approve the establishment of the Congregation of Kkottongnae Seculars of Jesus which is aimed to contribute to the Kkottongnae charism and goal : Leading souls to participate in the heavenly feast of God by providing them with not only basic needs for life but also baptism in water and spirit.

    • I acknowledge that Kkottongnae, guided by the Holy Spirit, is putting Jesus’ love into action with a great interest in salvation of ’the poorest of the poor who are even unable to beg for food’.

    • I bless the Congregation of Kkottongnae Seculars of Jesus with the graces of God in the name of Jesus.

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