Kkottongnae Charter


We believe that God’s Kingdom and human salvation refer to the same meaning that can be realized by putting Jesus Christ’s love in action. We understand that the two is special grace of God. Thank God for allowing us to keep a loving life daily with Jesus’ words in mind: "There is no more love than sacrificing yourself to save your brothers and sisters." Praise the Lord. 

We take "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me" to heart. The phrase is remembered as a cornerstone of Kkottongnae foundation. In addition, Fr. John Oh’s special experiences of God, including the encounter between Fr. Oh and Choi Gui-dong, are respected as a keystone.


Kkottongnae is a nest for the poorest of the poor who are ignored by society. To put what our Lord taught us into practice, we take care of others, especially, the least fortunate people. In so doing, we witness and experience genuine love. 

Kkottongnae wants to become an instrument to God’s grace, love. As an instrument of Divine Love, we walk life’s journey -from cradle to grave- together with ’the poorest of the poor who are even unable to beg for food’.

Kkottongnae is an witness of love. We lead those abandoned to realize how much they are loved by our Heavenly Father and share the love they have got. We respect, care and invite them to find joy in God.

Kkottongnae is a teacher of love. We provide an educational opportunity for people to understand the mechanism between hurt and love deficiency. In doing so, we prevent the negative results which are caused by lack of love. Also, we contribute to guiding individuals, families, nations and mankind to get eternal life. 

Kkottongnae is a love-based leader. We develop a new level of social welfare program and put all efforts to embrace good-spirited volunteers and talented future leaders who will realize innovative ideas.

Ultimately Kkottongnae hopes to remain as an ’existing ideal village that embodies genuine, eternal love’ in the process of human salvation and building God’s Kingdom. By God’s favor Kkottongnae is what it is and now we are returning back God’s favor to Him through Jesus Christ, love itself, with the help of the Holy Spirit.