Retreat/Camp program Rates

  • Retreat Rates
    •  The cost of participating in the retreat depends on the type of retreat you want, the facilities you want to use and the number of people, so please refer to the table below.
    • The types of retreat are classified into three categories.
      • Self-Program : As a self-prepared program, Kkottongnae Retreat Center serves only places, auxiliary facilities and meals.
      • Mixed-Program : That's when you ask us to give you lectures, sacraments, Masses, etc. in the midst your own program.
      • Consignment-Program : If you leave us with entire retreat program including its progress and contents.
    • Housing type : There are four types - basic, together, comfort and view-tiful - of accommodation, taking into account the structure and landscape of the building and the number of people available for the room.
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  • Camp Rates
    •  The cost of using the campground is divided by the site of each campground. Kkottongnae Camp provides supplementary facilities such as a place, water, electricity, toiles and showers, but does not provide meals.
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