Retreat Center/Camp

Our center/camp is managed by religious brothers and sisters of Kkottongnae  - learn more about the Institute of Kkottongnae Brothers of Jesus & the Institute of kkottongnae Sisters of Jesus

The greatest reason why the poorest people come to Kkottongnae(meaning = Flower Village)

is the lack of love that we do not love people to love,

the wrong happiness and the wind of life.

So we are running "Kkottongnae Retreat Center/Camp" 

for those who have a lot of mental and spiritual difficulties

and for the souls who want to pray quietly and meet God, in a deep mountain and in a clear air. We would like to give them the power to love again

through a deep meeting with God in silence with all our hearts.

And this place is said to have been called "Oasis of the Desert"

because the Indians have long been healed when souls and bodies are exhausted and tired.