Retreat Program - 10 topics and more...

  • General Religious Retreat  You are deeply invited to understand the nature of faith in God and to live in faith.

  • Bible(Gospel) Meditation  Let's learn how to taste and meditate deeply on God's words, join in meditation and add joy to your walk with the Lord. 

  • Relationship  Restore the meaning of yourself and others and the human relationships you experience during your life to God's eye and make a love-filled change.

  • Spiritual Leadership  You can establish positive and desirable leadership in God's love that you should exert in your home, community and life. 

  • Healing/Forgiveness  Pray for inner and spiritual healing and peace from God who knows everything about you. And learn how to forgive and get true freedom by moving on to true forgiveness!

  • True Happiness  Let's take a deep look at how to ba 'happy individual', 'happy family', 'happy country' and 'happy humanity'.

  • On life & Dying  Reflect on the meaning of precious life and death that everyone should go through without exception, and see in God encounter and parting of life that must be beautifully nurtured.

  • Holy Spirit  We invite you yo add joy to your life with the grace of the living Holy Spirit and to  live in the gifts of the Lord.

  • Spirituality of Kkottongnae  We share with you the spirituality of Kkottongnae that have been accumulated for the time we have walked together in the Lord's grace with those who habe no place to rely on and no strength to beg for foods.

  • Silent Retreat in Advent/Lent  We invite you with delight to wait for the coming of the Lord and to be quenched in silence during the blessed and precious time of sharing His suffering and death.

* If you would like to entrust retreat program to Temecula Kkottongnae, you can choose from the above topics when booking a retreat, or you can tell us what you want. -> to make a reservation(click)!
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Camp Program

  • Kkottongnae Camp offers a wide range of campsites and facilities (toilet, shower, walkway, basketball court, swimming pool, outdoor stage, etc.) to accommodate various programs.

  • We will silently accompany you to enjoy free and meaningful time in a peaceful space.

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