The Cross of Love

  • The Glory Cross
    • The Glory Cross is a 738-meter-high and 123-meter-long arm, a symbol of the movement to fulfill and carry on the words of Jesus in the 1970s for the salvation of mankind.
    • Jesus appeared to his five mothers, Madeleine Aumont, on March 28, 1972, in the small town of Dozule, in Normandie, France. The parish priest and many believers were also there.
    • He then appeared 48 more times in 1978, leaving a message of education and warning for the salvation of mankind, one of which is Doyle's prayer. This message is understood to announce the Second Coming of Jesus.
    • Those who would support it and inherit it believed that it was an extension of Fatima's three secrets and developed it into a movement to remodel humanity to avoid material and spiritual disasters.
    • And they called it 'Doyle's Cross of Glory Friends' and wanted to create 'Glorious Cross' as its symbol.
  • The Cross of Love
    • The cross of love is a cross that is reduced to one hundredth of its height (7.38 m in height, 1.23 m in hand) for easy dissemination to the world, and is erected in France, Italy, Argentina, and Mexico. The establishment of this new cross requires the approval of the bishop.
      In Mexico, it was built on the hill of Guadalupe Tepeyan, which appeared to Saint Juan Diego, and Guadalupe is the most visited shrine 
      of Our Lady.
  • Background of the Cross of Love in Temecula Kkottongnae
    • In Mexico's 'Love in Action' program, a Mexican priest Gerardo Cabral, who was involved in the cross of Mexico's love, attended, and then met with the founder.
    • Mexican Father said he hoped to build a cross of love in two places in the United States, and suggested that the founder would like to build it in the Temecula Kkottongnae in the United States.
    • At the Mission of the Cross of Love mission, an identification group (prophet group/sister Gugita) was looking at the cross rock and weeping as he went on a field trip to Temecula. 'That's where God has chosen for a long time!'
    • And the same group of Einzas chose the same place, where the cross was placed in the present position of the cross.
  • Specification and installation process of the cross of love
    • Specification
      • Location : on the Cross Rock in Temecula Kkottongnae
      • Length    : 7.38m in height, 1.23m in hand(this length contains the mystery of the Trinity)
      • Weight   : 130kg
      • Meaning of the cross color :
        • Front white color - Jesus
        • Golden Border Beside Front - God's Glory
        • Blue side of the cross-Our Lady
    • Installation Process
      • The arrival of the cross Temecula - July 13, 2018
      • Benediction of the Cross - September 23, 2018
        • Father Fr. Sang-yeop Kim Thaddeus(The Institute of Kkottongnae Brothers of Jesus) and Fr. Ho-seok Jin Francis(Raphael Parish) together with the retreat participants
      • Installed on the Cross - September 29, 2018
      • concrete burial work - October 28, 2018