Walking Trails

  • As you immerse yourself in God and walk along the trails of the beautiful natural scenery of the Temecula Kkottongnae, you will experience healing from the deep love of the Lord.
  • Path of the Cross
    • As you enter the path of the cross from the back of the classroom along the trails, you can meditate on the Passion, death, and resurrection of the Lord as you pray along the quiet path.
  • At the end of the cross,
    • you can pray on the way up to the 'The Cross of Love', and upon returning you will be greeted by the paths leading to the beautiful Pond of Our Lady.
  • Viewpoints along the way from the cross of love to the observation deck
    • make you feel the greatness of nature created by God's words and fingers as you gaze at the vast landscape.
walking road-01.jpg
walking road-03.jpg
beautiful pond.jpg
walking road-02.jpg
walking road-04.jpg
walking road-05.jpg