Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of Kkottongnae

  • Yesterday

    • In 1976, Father John Oh who just graduated from Gwangju Catholic University served as the pastor of Mugeuk Catholic Church after being ordained a priest. 

    • One day during that period, Fr. Oh met an elderly homeless man with begging bowl in hand named Choi Gui-dong. Surprisingly, Choi was caring other eighteen homeless people. What is more surprising is that Choi was physically less able to care others and actually needy himself (Choi passed away in 1990). Seeing such an unimaginable scene, Fr. Oh was stunned. Choi’s devotion and sacrifice for less fortunate people than himself got Fr. Oh highly impressed. Fr. Oh realized the truth: Even if you have only the strength to beg for food, it is the blessing of the Lord. Inspired by the experience, he was determined to establish Kkottongnae. Toward the goal, Fr. Oh started immediately building a shelter and named it House of Love. Initiated from the humble house, Kkottongnae community has developed a lot to house as many as 4000 residents, 1000 workers, religious brothers, sisters and priests. No doubt it is one of nation’s largest general welfare facilities. Now Kkottongnae is turning to the rest of the world to help those outside the community, while continuing sharing God’s love inside.

  • Today

    • Welfare: Kkottongnae General Social Welfare facilities

      • The general welfare facilities at Kkottongnae provide care and love, “from the cradle to the grave” for those who do not even have the strength to beg for food. We have been running the facilities for the homeless, the mentally ill, the elderly, the disabled, orphans (Adoption Center), and Kkottongnae Hospital. Kkottongnae also has a beautiful cemetery for the abandoned after death.   

    • Happiness: Kkottongnae Training Institute of Love

      • The Kkottongnae Training Institutes of Love (preventive welfare), was established in 1997 for the purpose of helping people learn and experience love so that they will not abandon their families. Many students, officers, businessmen, and even members from the armed forces come to learn and experience love. They are taught the definition of happiness and how to be happy by employing the themes of the “Happy Individual,” “Happy Family,” “Happy Nation,” and “Happy Mankind.” We are spreading the “culture of love” to all nations. Most Koreans know of the Kkottongnae greeting, “Saranghamnida!” It means, “We offer our love to you!” and one makes the greeting by making a heart with both arms above one’s head. Another important social issue we have been promoting is the “Pro-Life” movement. It is hoped that this anti-abortion movement will overcome the present culture of death.   

    • Education: Kkottongnae University , Kkottongnae School

      • Kkottongnae Hyundo University of Social Welfare is a specialized university that cultivates potential experts working in the field of social welfare with spirituality, intelligence, and sensibility. Kkottongnae also has a school for the physically challenged as well as an Assistant Nursing School.   

    • Love: Kkottongnae Spirituality House of Love , Love Research Institute

      • The Kkottongnae Spirituality Center of Love is a place intended for studying and deepening God’s love and the spirituality of Kkottongnae, which is in line with the apostolic mission to teach and let them learn about and experience the love of God

  • Tomorrow

    • Kkottongnae founded on the basis of Jesus’ teaching, "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me.", is home for the isolated people suffering in poverty and distress. Living together, the community members practice love in a way that Jesus showed us. We also inspire good-spirited people to be involved to volunteer, work in social welfare and further develop welfare business. Each of us will continue to serve as a life companion, person of love, God’s witness to the world, educator and professional. 

    • Kkottongnae was created from God and, therefore, turns back to God through Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit.  

    • Kkottongnae, which means a ’flower village’ in Korean, ultimately hopes to remain as an ’existing ideal village that embodies genuine, eternal love’. Kkottongnae is committed to human salvation and building God’s Kingdom.